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More Renters

Faster Leases

Higher Revenue

Lease up and stay up

A lack of quality leads hurts the performance of a rental portfolio. The problem gets compounded if you don’t have a way to keep track of the leads you are paying for. Use powerful and automated lead-to-lease software that has helped thousands of landlords, property managers, agents, and leasing professionals across Canada streamline their leasing operations.

Attract more renters

Leave no stone unturned with industry-leading social and ILS marketing automation to help you find the right renter.

Never lose any Lead

Stay organized and prioritize your inquiries so you can nurture and convert more qualified renter leads. 

Eliminate tedious tasks

Each step is automated so you can spend your time building good rapport with your high quality applicants.

Reduce time to lease

URhenti's digital automation eliminates lag time in between leasing steps to reduce vacancy.

ILS & CRM Page

Automated lead-to-lease software


Industry Leading CRM

Eliminate lost opportunity costs by never losing track of any leads again. Manage the entire lead-to-lease process of all your website, phone, walk-in and ILS renter leads in one organized place with custom branded marketing email communication.


Built-In ILS Marketing

Generate optimal renter awareness by publishing your apartment listings to all the top ILS and Social Media sites in Canada and the USA (including real estate MLS + MLS affiliate sites.) All leads funnel into the CRM!


Intelligent Price Setting

Set the right price for your apartments using an industry leading dynamic offer process and get notified when to update your rent according to renter behaviours.


Phone Integration

Generate virtual phone numbers to automatically track ILS, social, out-of-home, and website phone leads. Route phone numbers to appropriate team members.


Multi-Channel Chat

Track and action all of your renter conversations and tour bookings in one simple centralized communications hub to help you stay organized and on top of demand.


Applications & Screening

Comprehensive renter profiles and application information, including credit summaries and reference information, help you make the best renter decision.


Digital Lease Transaction 

Present your lease agreement in digital format so that you and your renter can sign from where you are, on your laptop or mobile device.


Deposit Settlement 

Collect (or refund) rent deposits in real time via Debit or Credit card to secure applicants quickly, and trim down related overhead.


Centralized Data Sync 

Use a single source of truth to set your pricing and availability in your rent roll, on your website, and in your digital advertising (Syncs with Apartment Launch CMS, and Yardi).


Software Integration  

Connect Apartment Launch CRM to Yardi to achieve complete end-to-end integrated property management (Certified Yardi SIPP partners). Estimate required for alternate integrations.

Get Started Today

Your new CRM & ILS platform comes with a landing page! It doesn’t require a full website to get started.

Simply set up your property information, add your desired listings, and start interacting with renters right away! You can add on a website CMS later when you want to control your apartment pricing and availability in your ILS ads and on your website from one organized place.

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Fill your buildings and keep them full! 


How often are my listings updated?

Listings are updated approximately once a day on ILS sites.

Can I show virtual tours in my listings?

Yes you can! You can link a virtual tour that we have created or one from another provider.

How many properties can I have?

There is no limit to the number of properties you can upload. 

How many users can I have?

There is no limit to the number of users you can add to your platform.

How can our leasing agents communicate with leads through the CRM?

Leasing agents can communicate with leads through chat, email, or text.